QUESTION: Is there an effective way to reduce or completely remove the vacuum loss caused by detaching the pump?
I normally lose 1.5-2 in HG when I detach, so I’ve generally just kept the pump attached.
I have had instances, well experiments, where I detach the pump, waited a few minutes, and reattached it to check the pressure, and it simply read zero pressure. Is detaching the pump causing a leak somehow?
ANSWER: One must understand that the vacuum created inside the chamber is an extremely small amount. You can test this for yourself. Just put your finger on the end of the hose and plug the male fitting end with your finger. Then draw out some vacuum, go up to 10 hg and then pull your finger off. You’ll notice that pulling your finger off the plugged end of the hose doesn’t require any effort at all!
 Now consider what it is that is allowing your LG Hanger chamber to contain the vacuum…. it’s the seal between the silicone rubber sleeve and the skin of your penis. So just disconnecting the hose from your chamber will in fact promote a small loss of vacuum, but as long as your chamber is holding the weight onto your penis that’s all that matters!
Vacuum will diminish during the time you are hanging. You don’t need to continually monitor the level of vacuum in the chamber, just plugging the hose back into the chamber will cause more vacuum to escape. This notion that you must keep a certain amount of vacuum in the chamber at all time is erroneous! As long as your chamber is not slipping off your penis while you are hanging that is all that matters!
The LG Hanger is not a penis pump! You don’t need to constantly prime the pump to increase or maintain vacuum levels. Again I stress that as long as your chamber is not slipping off your penis, leave it alone and let it do it’s job!
If however your chamber is slipping that is a problem with the seal between the rubber and your penis. Rubber maintenance is vitally important. I recommend after every 30 hours of wear time that you remove your rubber and wash it with hot soapy water, and dry it with a clean cotton towel (do not use a paper towel). Keeping your rubber clean is very important! It helps prolong the life of the rubber and it’s tackiness along with promoting a good seal between it and your penis skin.
 I also recommend that you only use the LG Hanger when your penis is clean! If you have been working and things got sweaty, then you need to shower before using. If you are like some men who like to incorporate your hanging sessions with a pumping session you must clean your skin in between sessions. Any lubricant or lotion on the skin of your penis while hanging will compromise the rubber/skin seal integrity.
 Also keep this in mind…. rubber does wear out, and once you start to notice that your chamber is slipping habitually you need to replace your rubber with a new piece!