What are the benefits the LG Hanger offers? Are there benefits beyond penis enlargement?

Stamina. Yes, there are benefits beyond penis enlargement, with the LG hanger. For example,  stamina can be greatly enhanced, one can  perform  a  standing pendulum movements which exercises the muscular base of the penis greatly increasing stamina and erectile strength because the striated muscles at the base is literally strengthened an enlarged, much like building a larger bicep with weights. In China, for example, one will find that some men do this type of exercise which can be found on YouTube. This is a very major benefit derived from the LG Hanger, in addition to other well-known stamina exercises such as kegls, and towel raises.

Mobility. Also it is a far more mobile device; you can wear it while walking around with or without weights because of its open-ended wearing time.
Diversity of movements. In addition, it has much greater diversity of movements then other hangers by virtue of its vacuum-based attachment. For example, you can not only do the standard exercises of straight down, between the cheeks, over the legs, and fulcrum, etc., but you can do bundle stretches in all of these configurations as well. A bundled stretch is where the penis is rotated with the hanger attached; this cannot be done with clamp hangers as such a movement could induce tissue injury. This is a great exercise as it spirals the collagen in the configuration more amenable to stretch and remodeling. There also are other benefits, however the above three examples should be sufficient for the purpose of this discussion.
Richard R. Howard II, Dr. PH, MS, MPH