WARM UP – Suitable for all PE training

Sufficient warmth is important for all PE training. Thus, a preheated penis is less prone to injury and it’s tissue is more stretchable and pliable under heat. In addition circulation is stimulated by warming up, which in turn is indispensable for the supply of the cells and the promotion of cavernous bodies. Finally, heat prevents the contraction (also “Turtling”) of the penis.

Therefore, everyone should be advised to pay attention to sufficient warm up prior to doing any penis enlargement training.

There are various ways to heat / warm up the penis in preparation for PE training. At the beginning of all warm-up exercises or the beginning of each workout, make sure your penis is clean and free of all lotions and lubricants. It is best to wash your hands and penis thoroughly to prevent dirt or bacteria from reaching the sensitive glans. The tissue simply needs a little time to warm up / expand and enhance blood circulation. Below is a brief overview of common warm-up methods.

Manual warm up: A simple massage of the penis with your own clean warm hands. However keep in mind these are warm up exercises and don’t get overly aggressive. You can, for example, roll it between your hands, gently knead it, knock on your leg or even let it circle with a light swing, mild to moderate jelqs are also acceptable.

Warming up with heat lamp: In the meantime, the most comfortable way of supplying heat is to use a heat lamp  simple infrared lamp). The benefit of warming up the penis with an infra-red lamp is that you can use it while you’re training.  This is not only practical in terms of handling, but also gentle on the tissue. Just be sure to not burn yourself by having the lamp positioned too closely to your penis.

Basically, a simple model with a power of about 100W. Such products can be found on various Internet mail order companies such as McMaster Carr.

Alternatively even a small space heater will work, the goal is to warm your penis up and prepare it for more intense training.

Warming up by means of heat pads: There are various types of heating pads that can also be purchased and used. Again just be sure that the heat isn’t too high.

Warming up with Ambient temperature : This warming up is really only sufficient if a room or area is at least 75* degrees or higher. If you live in a warmer climate or the season of the year is hot, then your warm up will be shorter simply because of the external temperature.

Warm up with a warm washcloth: A very simple and above all free option is the use of a washcloth or small towel to warm up the penis. The cloth piece is simply held in warm / hot water and then wrapped around the penis. It should be noted that the washcloth cools comparatively quickly and the moisture on the penis skin (if you reheat during the exercises) can interfere with the execution of the exercise or must be removed again and again before. This method is my least favorite.

Warming up with warm water: A warm shower or bath is an option, and if you start you day off with a shower and then train, this is a perfectly acceptable warm up method.

Beware of too much heat: As with all things be conscious of going to extremes, especially with heat. Remember the goal is to warm and prepare your penis for the rigors of intense training, such as weight hanging with the LG Hanger.

Grip aids: When doing your warm up hand stretches you can wrap below glans to help promote a better grip. Or a section of silicon sleeve works even better, and LG Girth Bands offer the optimal in comfort and grip for hand stretches.

Front hand / Back hand: For stretching, both hands should be used. Your dominate hand should be used to grip your shaft just below the glans. Your opposite hand should be used to firmly grip the base of your penis.

Intensity regulation: Generally speaking most beginners do not use enough intensity. When warming up use a moderate amount of traction that increases over the warm up time span. As you become accustomed to the warm up process you will intuitively learn what is the appropriate amount of pull tension.

Freedom from pain: You should never pull so hard as to cause pain.