This exercise is especially for more experienced users that need something extra to maximize their results. But you can use it even if you are a beginner since it is pretty simple and your penis does not have to be erect. On the contrary, for this exercise to work your penis must be in a completely flaccid state.

Many of you might be wondering what the difference is between the bundled stretch and the simple stretch. The bundled stretch helps you gain some extra inches when simple stretching has brought you its maximum gains. It is the next step in penile enlargement exercises as it helps you stretch the tunica both in length and girth and increases the overall mass of your penis.

The actual exercise is pretty simple and includes three steps.

Step one, twist your penis towards one direction as many rotations as possible. Think of your penis as a washcloth that you are trying to squeeze the water out of.

Step two, when you have reached the desirable amount of rotations (always make sure you are not hurting yourselves), stretch it without releasing the rotations.

Step three, put the other hand on the base of the shaft and push towards the opposite direction as if your hands are trying to go away from each other.

Hold for 30 seconds and release. Now, repeat but stretch towards a different direction, do as many repetitions as possible.

There is not a certain number of rotation that you need to do, that is entirely up to you and your physiology. Do as many as possible without inflicting pain.