In 2011 I went to California.  I had a penis enlargement surgery done and got an infection. So my surgery was botched and I ended up with scarring around my penis. I was referred to Marlon and I told him my dilemma. He custom made me an LH Hanger. The LG Hanger is helping to stretch and lengthen my penis, and also stretching  the scar tissue. I have gained a good inch and a half thanks to the LH Hanger.

He also custom made me a Girth Blaster: a stretching device that combines the 2 have given me so much more length even in a flaccid state no more turtling. The girth is astounding, new vein formation and its permanent. These are my statements factual and I recommend the LH Hanger and Girth Blaster to anyone looking for permanent gains.

-Sincerely K.