Hello M,
   Thank you for your response.  I may have misquote Aaron, I have been reading a lot of information form different PE sources.  glad to hear I can start slow.  I’ll be ordering the hanger sooner then.  I will also look into getting a PE Coach.  thanks for the info M!  hope to send you good news on my gains in the next few months!
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 Hello F,

I believe Aaron’s take on hanging is incorrect. Hanging is a very safe and effective form of Penis Enlargement for even a novice or beginner. The key is to start with a weight that is appropriate for the beginner.
The problem with most guys is that they always try and get too aggressive with weight too soon. That is why Aaron says it’s more of an advanced form of PE. If however you can use some common sense and not try and hang too heavy too soon, you can enjoy the measurable gains you can make with hanging within a few months. We have a suggested routine for beginners that takes you up to week 8. Then after that you can go with your intuition or contact Dr. Ric or AJ for coaching on more advanced routines and exercises using a variety of proven PE methods (hanging, jelqing, hand stretching, and pumping). Their fees are very reasonable and they design routines based on your progress.

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Subject: Re: LG Hanger and Girth Blaster

Good Morning!
  I currently do NOT have a hanger but plan to invest in one soon. I’m just doing research on products and reading up on information.  your hanger looks very well made.  I am not yet at the hanging stage beacsue according to The Penis Exercising book by A. Kemmer and articles I’ve read on PE Gym, Hanging is a bit of a more advanced exercise.  I trust that it is safe, but I will not lie, I am afraid of using it.  I believe my fear will allow me to be safe with it and and start slow.  in my short time PE-ing I have learning that this is really a slow road, but that it does lead to success if the PE-er follow a few guide lines: SAFETY (had a slight bruise from bathmate, won’t be doing that again) and persistence + time.
I will be keeping an eye on your site and , and when I am at the advanced stages, I will definitely be looking into hanging and whatever other devices your site has.
Good luck with your other business endeavors.
p.s.  how long should a newbie wait until he can experiment with low weight hanging?  I believe it should be over 3 months if I remember what the book said, which I’m fine with.