QUESTION: Narrowing down my research I’m looking at the LG or a Bib.

The difference between the LG Hanger and the BiB or any other type of clamp device is the way it holds the weight onto your penis. The LG Hanger is a vacuum based device. The chamber fits over your penis and is 2.2″ deep or 56 mm. A rubber sleeve fits over the shaft of your penis and is secured to the chamber. You draw out a small amount of vacuum from the chamber, the seal between the silicon rubber sleeve and your penis is what allows the vacuum to hold the weight onto your penis. This is NOT a clamp or noose! The Bib and the ManHanger (copy of BiB) are clamping devices. As with anything that clamps onto your penis there are problems with maintaining proper blood flow and circulation within you penis. There is also a potential for nerve damage! Additionally clamping devices pull skin very aggressively. My associate Dr. Richard Howard was an avid BiB user for several years, he can attest to the nerve damage he sustained that took several months to heal. Furthermore he started his PE as a circumcised man and because of use of the BiB he now has excessive foreskin and stretch marks on his penis. He now considers himself to be uncircumcised. He has transitioned to using the LG Hanger exclusively.

The LG (Length / Girth) Hanger does not cut off circulation or promote excessive foreskin growth. Attached are some photos of myself demonstrating how an uncircumcised man can protect his glans with the Beige Waterproof tape. You can see that after 3 1/2 years of use I have not gained excessive foreskin or promoted unsightly stretch marks.

QUESTION: A bit about me: Been off and on PE for 2 years or so. Mostly manual stretching, Jelqing from time to time and Bathmate. I Just recently started stretching again and Bathmate after having quite a while off due to some foreskin dryness/cracking (I’m uncut). My Penis is responding really well and sessions are able to increase with less and less soreness. I’m now officially interested in taking the leap to a hanger and slowly progressing.

I’m currently around 7″ non bone pressed – and want to get to 8″ and would like to see it by the end of the year. My starting length was around 6″. So I feel the 1″ is achievable with dedication.

I’ve never hanged before, the initial research a year ago scared the hell out of me.

After lots of reading though I think it’s worth a slow and calculated shot.

Kudos! Glad to hear you have done your homework. As I stated above any type of hanging device that employs clamping as a means to attach weight to your penis is very risky! They can give you gains, but not without potential complications and a steep learning curve.


  1. I want to hang standing. I have a standing computer setup, and would like to hang that way. Can I do that with the LG?
    I do 90% of all my hanging while standing. My work as a machinist requires that. I comfortable hang up to 15 lbs and can still move about. We do offer a Cable Weight Stand that allows you to sit in a chair or recliner and hang while you watch TV.
  2. I’ve seen the apparatus for hanging weight while you sit, the $300US cost is already a fair amount for me – am I am able to go with the “complete package A or B” and skip this apparatus if I am to hang standing?

Standing is my preferred method for hanging, you can even use a fulcrum bar across the front of your thighs as you progress to target and isolate different areas of your penile shaft.

The only difference between Package A & B is that Package A comes with a manual vacuum hand pump (the same that is commonly used for penis pumping) and a 3 lb starter weight. The Package B is for guys who already have a hand pump and want to use their own weight. The CABLE WEIGHT STAND and WEIGHT SYSTEMS are just accessories to the LGHanger. You do not need to purchase them. They are optional. Everything you need to start hanging comes in a Package “A”.

  1. Shipping to Canada – V6E 4S7 – how much?

Approximately $45 – $64 depending on which package you purchase or method of shipping you desire. The shipping cost is really us to you and the method you choose to ship at the time of check out. You can go to our website, and do a “mock” order to see all the different shipping options and prices. We always put the value on the customs form at only $50 to help keep any import fees or taxes to a minimum and your package comes in an unmarked USPS Priority Mailer. Please check your country’s custom policies as they can add a customs fee at the border and we are not responsible for that fee.

  1. Girth has been my area of least growth. Mostly because my Jelqing was mostly done in a flaccid – to 30% state. Achieving and maintaining erection for PE has proven difficult for me.

Erection quality is very important in PE! Usually if you have poor erection quality it is an issue that can be overcome. One thing that I have discovered myself is that if I over train it can lead to poor erection quality. A heart condition can compromise circulation within your body and penis, so you may want to get that checked out with your doctor. Then from a psychological position I have discovered from many men who suffer from ED that they have an addiction to porn, which has led to a desensitization between their brain and penis. Simply put they are sexually frustrated from being over stimulated. If that be the case, I always recommend that you stop viewing porn for a few months.

QUESTION: I suppose I am getting better these days. Having said that, I am right around 5 – 5.1″

I read that with the LG it is made for your girth, and must be sent back in to be adjusted. What kind of range is there if I am to order one for my current girth? When will I need to send it back in for adjustment? How much does that cost? Is there a way to order up to compensate for a bit?

The LG Hanger will promote both length and girth gains. As your penile tissues lengthen they also thicken. My gains in girth have proportionate to my length gains. Each chamber I manufacture is precision machined from a solid bar of optically clear acrylic polycarbonate. We custom fit each chamber to the measurements the user provides us with. I always leave some room for growth. Unless you are already and XL the standard chamber size can be re-worked by re-boring the internal diameter. I can usually modify an existing chamber by one full size. The cost for modification is $25 + shipping.

If you grow out of your XL, then I would need to make you a brand new chamber using a larger diameter of acrylic polycarbonate. To date in the last 6 years of making chambers I have only made 7 chambers that exceeded an XL in size.

I am trying to reach 5.5″ but don’t see that happening fast, especially not with such targeted growth in length.

Penis Enlargement is difficult! Too many guys have been mis-lead by exaggerated claims from PE device manufacturers that you can gain multiple inches fast with their device. That is pure BULLSHIT! Penis Enlargement is a marathon and not a sprint! I have gained 2 1/2″ in erect girth over the past 3 1/2 years of dedicated use. I have gained 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ in erect girth depending on where along the shaft I measure. These are respectable gains. Dr. Richard Howard has a fairly accurate baseline formula that I believe is achievable. It is this ….. “You can potentially gain 50% of your starting erect length”.

For example, if you start your PE adventure with a 6″ erection you can potentially gain 3″, which is 50% of 6″. How fast or how much you gain is based on too many factors that are difficult to calculate. Things like genetics, the thickness of your suspensory ligament, the level of dedication to your training, nutrition and age. So when guys ask me how much they can gain or how fast they can gain it, I usually don’t have an answer that will tickle their ears. If you buy our device and casually use it a couple hours a week for a month or two and expect to make gains, then you are going to be disappointed.

We don’t just sell a device for the sake of making money. My passion is to see other men make the kind of gains I have experienced myself! The overall self-esteem and the enhanced sexual pleasure is worth the time and dedication!! Customers don’t buy products; they buy the benefits they receive from the product. I hope I have answered all your questions sufficiently. We are committed to providing great customer service, we help with training tips and answer questions as they arrive.