I have a few more questions-
1)Dr. Ric mentions you want to get “friction” on the chamber wall so the entire load isn’t carried by the vacuum- are there any tips you can give that would increase friction?
While having some friction is desirable, it isn’t absolutely necessary. You should find that as the time of your session progresses you will get some fullness. Most will be penile tissue expansion from the traction pressure, a small portion can include some edema. Don’t be overly concerned with that, it is normal. If you desire you can use more Tender Tape to wrap with, it will help reduce that side effect. You can wrap fairly snug with no compromise on circulation.
2)The manual also says weeks #1-4 can be performed without protection, and is recommended- what does that mean?
I personally don’t advise to go without glans protection. I believe Dr. Ric was speaking primarily to men who are making the transition from a clamping style hanger (BiB) to the LG Hanger. Where they have already built up a significant amount tissue maturity.
3)The manual also says you can read about fatigue in “your penis doctor/hanging guide section 5 and 6” – where can I find this?
I am forwarding this question onto Dr. Ric for him to answer. I can’t address this properly because I have had a lengthening procedure where my suspensitory ligament has been cut. So my fatigue feeling comes from a different area that yours.
4)Are you planning on coming out with a longer sleeve?- (the one that attaches to the dome) I think this would help the grip even more
The standard length of the sleeves are 8″ long. I typically install 3″ – 3 1/2″ onto the LG Hanger chamber and put the remainder into a zip lock plastic bag to be used as a replacement sleeve and girth band. You can cut your sleeve to any length you desire based on your needs or preference. Men with longer lengths will want to use longer sections of sleeve. The reason I don’t cut the sleeve on your chamber any longer than I do is because the depth of the chambers are 2″ – 2 1/4″ deep, the sleeve extends another 2″ – 2 1/2″ beyond the end of the chamber. Most men find that to be sufficient.
5)You should pump to required pressure before you drop the weight, correct?
This is somewhat subjective. There are a couple different ways to achieve the same result. It’s really a matter or preference. It also depends on how much weight you are attempting to hang. For example when I am hanging 8 lbs., I draw out about 3 hg of vacuum pressure and hook the weight up to the chamber, lower it until it is hanging onto my penis all by itself. I take a look at the gauge and it will read about 5 hg, The weight alone primed the pressure up another 2 hg. That is sufficient for me to hang 8 lbs. When I go up to 10 lbs and above, I do the same, except as I allow the weight to hang I draw the desired pressure I need to allow the weight to hang without slipping off ….. which is about 10 hg. So draw up to 5 hg, allow the weight to hang, it will spike up a couple more hg, and then draw out the remainder up to 10 hg and disconnect hose. Even when I hang up to 17 lbs. I never need more than about 15 hg. of pressure.
6)When will I know the correct time to buy a larger dome?
When you can’t fit into it any longer. Depending on the current size of your chamber, there may be some more material that can be bored out so that you don’t need to buy a new chamber.