Six years ago whenever I would get an erection, I experienced a dull achy pain similar to the beginning of a Charley Horse, all along the left side of my penis, and although my penis (when erect) had always been a “little” curved, I started to notice that over time it had gone from a little, to a lot. By the time I decided to talk to someone about it had become very pronounced, almost straight up, and from approximately mid shaft my penis started to curve inward, almost like a backwards question mark!

It would hurt to have sex or masturbate, making orgasm very difficult to achieve. I finally went to my local doctor who suggested that I had some scar tissue or fibrosis and asked if I had injured myself? He even suggested that I might have a condition called Peyronie’s.

Because I had recently been divorced I had lost my health care coverage and was resigned to use my local VA, being I am a former veteran, but because the wait times were so lengthy I decided to deal with this on my own.

I began extensive Google searches to try and find a remedy to my problems, and found a doctor named Dr. Alexander A Krakovsky FAAFS, MD. Whom purportedly had helped other men with the same problems.

I called Dr. K and spoke to him at length about my symptoms. He indicated that he felt I had a condition known as Peyronie’s Disease. He said that there were a number of reasons people get Peyronies such as trauma to the penis, surgery from Prostate Cancer, and that it typically starts to develop in males over age 40. He told me that over time my symptoms would probably get worse, which concerned me greatly because I had already watched them go from dull, achy, slightly curved, to painful pronounced curve. Dr. K talked about a surgical procedure where the suspensory ligament would be cut and suggested following it up with traction. He told me that I should experience a gain in length as well as alleviate the pain and curve that I was currently experiencing.

I waited awhile because the surgery was kind of expensive, $5600. I did have a sonogram and found that I had some fibrosis (scar tissue). I made the decision to have the surgery.

After the surgery, within two weeks my erections began to feel normal again. Dr. K told me I had a tremendous amount of scar tissue and felt it may have been due to the two hernias surgeries I had at birth. He speculated that may have contributed to the problems I was experiencing, but couldn’t be 100% certain.

After the initial healing period I began to use the traction device he recommended using. However I was never able to get it to work properly, as it would always leak vacuum and then the rubber sleeve that connected to the chamber would tear. After calling the manufacturer and explaining the problem they sent me another chamber. Unfortunately that chamber failed too! He ended up sending me four chambers, all of which would fail and be unable to hold vacuum.

Being a machinist tool maker by trade I began to trouble-shoot what the problem was with the design of the chamber and why it leaked vacuum. Once I discovered why it leaked I went about designing my own chamber with some additional improvements. I didn’t like that the original chamber was so shallow and only attached to the glans of my penis. I didn’t want the traction from the weight to be pulling from my glans, so I purposely made my chamber with a deeper engagement that distributed the traction pull more from above the glans on the shaft of my penis. I made some molds and purchased a silicon rubber (Dragon Skin 10) from Smooth-On, and made my own rubber with a thicker wall, which was less prone to tear. Once I started using my own chamber and rubber it wasn’t very long (approx. 3 months) before I started to notice gains in length and girth both in the flaccid state and in the erect state.

I shared all my modifications to the chamber and my results with Dr. Krakovsky. He was delighted to hear about all of it, and then shared with me that several other men he had done procedures for had experienced the same problems with their traction device too. He contacted several of them and told them about my experience. They all requested that he give them my phone number so that they could call me and purchase my traction device. Over a short period of time I began to make all the traction devices for all of Dr. Krakovsky’s patients.

Within a year I had made nearly 100 traction devices all from word of mouth! It was at that time I realized that this could be something I could turn into a business. So once again I began a Google search for someone who had significant experience in PE. I found Dr. Richard Howard. I gave him a call and shared my story. Interestingly enough he shared with me that he too had the exact same conceptual idea for a vacuum hanger, but just didn’t have the manufacturing capabilities. I sent him one of my chambers and he found it to be exceptional and the rest is history. We have since developed a solid working relationship and work in concert with one another. With his 30+ years of PE experience we have been able to help many men in their quest to make penis enlargement a reality, many with multiple inch gains!