This review was done to better inform PE consumers of a product that can help you achieve a better sex life. With the contribution from Foldus (inventor and owner of the LG Hanger), I was given the opportunity to try this product out and my results have been amazing. First let me just say when you do business with Foldus you are in good hands. He not only answers your questions and gives great support, but his product is incredible. Each vacuum chamber custom made for the customer and this thing seems like it can take a direct hit from an A-bomb lol. When you place and order you will recieve a package with all that you need to start hanging.

Foldus supplies instructions to apply the LG Hanger and really they are kind of idiot-proof lol. Once I applied the LG Hanger I started to hang with the 3 lb. weight.

Now this device allowed me to hang weight with such comfort that I found myself becoming more dedicated to PE because the LG HANGER made my sessions so much easier and comfortable. I started to use the LG Hanger to do my manual stretches and it made them very easy and I did not have a grip issue. I tied the vaccum chamber to my old LenghtMaster and my sttetching sessions were crazy powerful.

I would just get into the Hanger chamber and pump a little bit and than pull the chamber to make sure the grip was good. Once I was set, I did not have to re-adjust for my entire length stretching session. Than once I was done with my length stretching session, all I would have to do is untie the vaccum chamber from the string that I was using to pull in and attach the 3 lb weight go into my hanging session. I followed this routine for 3 weeks, when Foldus contacted my to offer me a 10.5 lb(not for amateurs) weight to use with the LG Hanger. He told me the pull was totally different and boy was he right lol. I could really feel the weight digging into my ligs as I stretched with it.

Well Im proud to announce that since I have been following this routine for a month that I have gained .25 inch in erect stretched length. I only stumbled upon this when I was using my Bathmate. I usually rest at 7.5 inches erect in my X40, but for the past week I reach the 7.75 inch mark!!!

I’m excited about this path of gains that I am on and I cannot help but thank Foldus and his LG Hanger because length was my goal and this device is going to help me get there. If you want a device to help you hang weights comfortably than the LG HANGER is the best device on the market.