Enclosed is one of a number of scientific articles on the fact of collagen stretching. Opinions must be based ideally on sound scientific evidence. However in a relatively new paradigm evolution such as penis enlargement, we start with multiple credible observations of individuals. Where there is smoke there is a reality that demands further investigation.

Abstract: “We investigated the effect of mechanical stretching force on collagen synthesis and transforming growth factor-/3 1 (TGF-PI) production using ligament cells isolated from human ligamentum flavum in vitro. Ligamenturn flavum cells (LFCs) were isolated from human ligamenturn flavum obtained from patients who underwent lumbar spine surgery. The LFCs were subjected to a mechanical stretching force using a commercially available stretching device that physically deformed the cells. Collagen synthesis and TGF-PI production levels in the LFCs were then examined. Notable increases were observed in the gene expressions of collagen types I, 111, and V in LFCs subjected to mechanical stretching force. Production of TGF-PI by the LFCs also increased significantly by the mechanical stretching force. Exogenous application of TGF-PI was confirmed to increase collagen synthesis of the LFCs. This data indicated that mechanical stretching force can promote TGF-Dl production by LFCs, resulting in hypertrophy of the ligament.”[ 4]

  1. Tetsuya Nakatani Takashi Marui Toshiaki Hitora Minoru Doita Kotaro Nishida Masahiro Kurosaka. Mechanical stretching force promotes collagen synthesis by cultured cells from human ligamentum flavum via transforming growth factor‐β1. J Orthopaedic Res. November 2002; Volume 20, Issue 6, Pages: 1380–1386.

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