Hey guys just got the LG hanger and thought I would put a quick review up!

First off i’ve been in PE for about 7-8 months, I started off with an extender (which was a pain the ass) logged over 400 hours over 4 months and saw minimal gains, then plateaued in FSL, which was the only thing I gained no EL, and it was fucking up my dick with the circulation issues. then for the next 3 months have used only a penomet.

For those who dont know the lg hanger is a new type of vacuum hanger, like the grip sytem which uses a vacuum. I had considered purchasing the grip system, and wrote them a few emails but the customer service was so bad, the replies were written in slang; “wat exactly u want 2 kno”, someone named shannon, anyway put me off completely. Aside from that I have also heard from Kingsnake that the sleeves wear out very fast and costs a lot to keep ordering. So I just recently purchased the LG hanger, first off Dr Richard (creator) super friendly replied to all the emails, and answered my questions personally, which is pretty cool considering hes the maker. The shipping was fast even to New Zealand, about 4 days, it came in a plain box with the details on the front and the item description as “medical device” which was cool. every item was separate in a sealable bag wrapped in bubble wrap. I ordered the package A with every thing you need, the pump, the sleeve, bands, starter weight, the hanger, instructions are sent via email, and when you order make a note through paypal (instructions to seller) your ERECT girth taken directly under the glans.

The first I used it was the first time I have hung, I didnt wrap my glans as dr ric advises for the first 4 weeks, as its at low vacuum, I used 5 HG then attacthed the weight to make about 7 HGs of pressure. I had an extremely comfortable, 3 x 20 mins set of hanging with big glans, when I came out flaccid, as the LG hanger opposed to the bib or regular hangers expands the glans to create the friction to keep it on. Fluid retention was low even for no wrapping too, and no signs of blister or anything like that. So my first impressions are an effective, very comfortable way to apply a tension to your penis, and I love the device. Each one is made to order, and lathed from a single piece of hard poly whatever (not sure of the scientific name!), obviously being made from a sinlge piece as opposed to couple of items attached together, I beleive, greatly increases the hanger dome durability and strength. To put it on (without wrap) takes about 30secs – 1 minute. Taking it off is a bit of a pain but not that much (mostly the silicone sleeve which can pinch your skin)

Now as far as I see it there are two downsides, 1 the price, as most guys will know though when you are starting a new business it takes a while to setup supply lines, find cheap supplies, refine your construction, and ultimately reduce your costs, I hope in time, these reductions in costs will be passed on to us the customers. and number two, resizing, once you grow you need to get your hanger resized so you can fit. Solution may be, having something to insert, so you can order a bigger, hanger, and then take these inserts out as you grow. I’m not a hanger designer so i’m just brainstorming here. Or just focusing on your length, and you once you reach your length goals, girth work from there on.

Personally though I love the hanger, its perfect for me, hanging BTC on the edge of my bed before work, watching breaking bad, ufc or whatever your into. I couldn’t be happier with it as I could never use a bib or something like that, my penis, just ins’t built for it.

For those interested I have posted the link below, as a side note dr ric said he would be coming to mos soon, I hope he and DLD can arrange a discount for members, for the package a and B, resizing and for ordering other products, as I really want other guys to try this hanger.

Thank guys