“Jelqing Exercises: Step by Step & Their Benefit’s”

Jelqing is a simple and effective natural penis enlargement method that yields results when done consistently, safely and properly. In addition to being effective as a lone penis exercise, it is often part of much more rigorous natural penis growth package out there. If you are ever interested in increasing your penis size – girth and/or length – then it is necessary to learn about the jelqing exercise and the attending steps to perform it like a boss and get results.

The basic idea is that you are going to be forcing more blood into the tissues of the Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongiosum. The combination of this new stress would cause the cells to extend.
The primary goal is to work on different parts of the penis and increases blood circulation throughout. By constantly and properly stretching and pulling the semi-erect penis with the thumb and index finger to draw blood from one end to the other to ensure the erectile tissue can take in more blood.

Although there haven’t been any specific scientific study to measure the efficacy of the exercise, yet, numerous articles over the internet and the testimonies of many men who have increased both their penis length and girth. One thing that stands out with jelqing is that, when done patiently and consistently, it is an effective, harmless, and simple way to increase penis size.

What do you need to make your jelqing investment profitable?
  1. Your dedicated self. To get results, you need to be consistent and persistent.
  2.  A lubricant that doesn’t dry easily such as Johnson’s & Johnson’s baby oil with vitamin E, Vaseline Aloe Naturals, or Albolene Liquefying cleanser which can be found in the cosmetic section of most drug stores.
  3. A means to warm up your penis before every exercise. *see our other articles on warning up. A warm bath or wrapping your penis with a warm towel will suffice.

The steps…

Step 1: Spread your chosen lubricant on the entire shaft of your penis. It is pertinent to note that the lubricant you choose must be fluid and make it easy for your hands to glide over your shaft.

Step 2: Get enough blood into your penis by getting it semi-erect. Your penis cannot be as hard as when you are about to have sex and not flaccid. The idea behind jelqing is to ‘milk’ the blood in your penis from one end to the other to force strain that leads to growth.

Step 3: Connect your thumb and your index finger to form the “OK” gesture over your penis base.

 You can use the hand you feel most comfortable with, but note that eventually, you’ll have to use both hands. Make sure the two fingers start as close as possible to the pubic bone to increase the amount of blood you ‘milk’

Step 4: Now, tighten the “OK” gesture on your penis and drag it to the penis head (Don’t squeeze the head of your penis). If your penis is at the right erect state, you’ll feel blood move as your grip glides over your shaft. You should be conscious of your body reaction to the pressure you’re applying. If you feel any pain or discomfort, loosen up the grip on your penis a bit. With time, you’ll settle into a rhythm.

Step 5: Repeat! You have just completed a cycle. To ensure rhythm and sustained pressure, use your other hand to start from step 3 again. This way, the pressure and strain created by the first cycle don’t wane before the next cycle. Ensure each cycle doesn’t take more than 3 seconds.

Jelqing result – The before and after jelqing

Different men experience different results after jelqing owing to various reasons such as consistency, length of each session, and bodily reaction to the strain. That said, a 100 men were put through an anecdotal research on jelqing. And the result shows the before and after effect of jelqing on the man. The result of the research shows that it takes at least a month before any noticeable changes occur in the penis. And in some cases, it took some men up to four months to see changes. Additionally, the average growth in length and girth were ten percent and seven percent respectively. While those were the averages, some men recorded growths that exceed these numbers. It is worth noting that increasing the girth takes longer than increasing the length of the penis.

You can gain in girth and length if you do the jelqing exercise properly as highlighted by the steps above. Furthermore, please note that you’ll have to start with at least 100 jelqs (cycles) every five minutes. Please take care to start at a slow pace in the beginning and then upping it once your body (your penis) gets into the groove. In all, know that it takes time, painstakingly invest that time, and you’ll be the happier for it.

Basic Jelqing Routine

Following is a basic jelqing routine. Do the following routine two to three times a week to start. Shoot for every other day at first, then advance towards five days on, two days off.

*5 minutes             warm up

*5 minutes             stretches
*10 minutes           jelq
*5 minutes            warm down