My chamber is leaking and I think it’s at the female fitting.

Unless you dropped and damaged your chamber I seriously doubt your fitting is leaking. I personally leak test each chamber before it ships. The pneumatic fittings we use are of the highest quality that can be purchased. I wrap the threads with Teflon tape and incorporate a Bunna rubber o’ring on each fitting that bottoms on a flat machined counter bored surface on the top of the chamber.

You can easily leak check the chamber for yourself. Just remove the rubber sleeve, and find a hair-less section of skin on your abdomen or thigh. Plug the hand pump hose into the chamber, firmly hold the mouth of the chamber against your skin and draw out vacuum just as you would if you were performing a hang session. Go up to 10 – 15 Hg and look at the needle on the hand pump gauge. If the fitting is leaking the needle will immediately drop to zero.

The main reason for anyone to experience a leak or loss of vacuum is due to a compromised seal between the silicon rubber sleeve and your penis skin. There are several reasons for a leak to occur here.

1) Your sleeve could be dirty with skin oil.

2) You could have a sleeve that is worn out and may need replaced.

3) Your sleeve could be too big, and if that’s the case you can order a smaller sleeve.

When I fit chambers with sleeves I base my decision on the measurements a customer supplies.

4) Sometimes someone who is new to hanging will experience their penis getting thinner while it is being stretched under the weighted traction. When your penis stretches and becomes thinner, the seal between the rubber sleeve and your penis skin will become compromised.

If you experience number four and the weight starts to slip, simply just remove the chamber, check your glans protection wrap and reload with fresh vacuum. Remember the goal is to reach fatigue and if it takes two or three reloads every 15 – 20 minutes to complete your hang session just consider that part of the conditioning curve.

Eventually you will gain the tissue maturity required to go a full hour without any complications. You will get to a place where your penis actually starts to expand and fill your chamber. To help promote this condition you can start your hang session by “priming” your chamber with vacuum five or six times. To do this just draw vacuum out of your chamber using 10 -15 Hg’s of pressure. Hold for 3 to 5 seconds, release the pressure and repeat. You should see your glans expand and fill with blood. This will help promote a better hang session and help prevent slippage.