Suitable for:
Risk profile:
Anatomical focus:
Erectile tissue (vertical)
Supported measurements:
Alternative name:
Mid-EQ Jelqing, Jelqs, Wet-Jelqs, Milking
Exercise Family:
Related exercises:
Low-EQ-Jelqing (Advanced), High-EQ-Jelqing (Advanced), Dry-Jelqing (Advanced)

The Jelqing is most likely the oldest PE exercise and was said to have originated several thousand years ago in the Arab cultural area. But more important than their long-standing history is their variant-rich application, which on the one hand depends on the degree of erection intensity used ( low-EQ , mid-EQ and high-EQ ) and after the use of lubricants ( wet-jelqing ) or the waiver ( Dry-Jelqing ). The different variants certainly differ in their predominant exercise effect, which is why their application should be carefully chosen.

The classic jelqing presented in this article is meanwhile also called Mid-EQ-Jelqing . It works with a medium erection intensity or quality (hence the prefix “Mid-EQ”) and is considered one of the most effective exercises to promote the erect penis length (more precisely, the BPEL). Likewise, jelqing can also be helpful in enlarging the penis girth (EC), but the mid-EQ jelqs in this area are relatively minor.
Unlike the double hand or “congestion handles” (such as the Erect Squeeze or the Uli SqueezeIn Jelqing, the blood is moved through the erectile tissue by external pressure and ultimately concentrated in the anterior cavernous areas. It is important in terms of training the erectile tissue, but not the extreme congestion (double hand), but especially the movement of the blood when crossing the shaft of the penis root to the glans.

In principle, jelqing (in addition to stretching) is one of the two basic exercises of manual PE training, which you will not only encounter in the entry-level program, but will also remain part of the vast majority of training programs much later. It is therefore all the more important to consolidate your own Jelq technique through routine and to continue to refine it over time.

The classic Jelqing or Mid-EQ-Jelqing requires about 60 to 80% erect penis (no more). This means in detail that the penis should be more than semi-rigid, but should not be extremely bulging if possible. The Jelqs themselves will continue to stagnate the blood during the exercise, so a higher erection intensity would dramatically increase the load and also shift the exercise orientation. Especially for beginners, it is important to ensure that they are not above an EQ of 80%.
The classic Jelqs are meanwhile as ” wet Jelqs run” (ie with a lubricant) as this protects the skin and prevents injuries.

Massage the chosen lubricant into your penis. Suitable substances can be found under the entry ” recommended lubricants” in the chapter Additional information (see below).

Optionally, use your hand to create the front-OK or back-OK grip and apply it to your penis root with gentle pressure around the shaft. You really should be careful to put on the lowest part of the penis root in order to actually involve the entire shaft in the exercise.

Now use the two fingers of the OK handle, which encircle the shaft, from the base of the penis to the base of the glans (or shortly before). For the way up you should need about 1-2 seconds. The movement just executed was a single Jelq .

While the first hand raises the shaft, the second hand should already apply the OK grip on the penis root. As soon as the first hand reaches the glans, the second hand begins immediately with the next Jelq, while the first hand is released from the shaft end and put back on the penis root.

So you proceed until either the erection abates (in which case it should be rebuilt by stimulation until it is within the desired range), the pressure in the glans becomes uncomfortable or even painful (then you also stop briefly with the Jelqs and then resumes) or the Jelqing time specified in the program is completed.

Notes The following notes are intended to answer common questions about this exercise and provide further explanations on their fine-tuning and any modifications.

Recommended lubricant: When Wet jelqing a variety of means can be used to ensure a smooth flow of the exercise. On the one hand, it is suitable for any care oil (eg baby oil or massage oil ), which dispenses with irritants (they can attack the glans and should therefore be avoided). Most edible oils (eg sunflower oil, grape seed oil or olive oil ) can be safely used for training. On the other hand also care creams and lotions can be used (eg classic body lotion or hand creams), although in this segment there are even products that are specially designed for use on the penis. Also healing ointments (Neosporin or Polysporin ) can be used, whereby with the ointments all the more is to make sure that it is not a heat, pain or muscle ointment(such as  BenGay or Tiger Balm). These irritate the mucous membranes of the glans penis and the sensitive shaft skin extremely and can cause great pain or cool numbness – neither are conditions conducive to training. One should also be aware of when using zinc ointment, as this has a drying effect that may irritate the glans mucous membranes under certain circumstances. Generally speaking, all listed remedies have their advantages and weaknesses: While oils retain their lubricity for a very long time, they can only be removed afterwards by thorough washing from the hands and the genital area. Creams, lotions and ointments, on the other hand, are absorbed quickly (so they have to be taken occasionally during training), but they do not require any additional cleaning (and also care for the penile skin). For ointments, however, the consistency is often a problem, for example, zinc ointment is very tough and therefore has only comparatively low sliding properties. Overall, the use of commercially available body care creams or lotions is usually preferable. The reduced cleaning effort after training and the care properties for the skin are significant advantages in the training design. If in doubt, you should simply test out for yourself which lubricant is most comfortable for you. The reduced cleaning effort after training and the care properties for the skin are significant advantages in the training design. If in doubt, you should simply test out for yourself which lubricant is most comfortable for you. The reduced cleaning effort after training and the care properties for the skin are significant advantages in the training design. If in doubt, you should simply test out for yourself which lubricant is most comfortable for you.

Intensity regulation in jelqing: As basic as the jelqing exercise is, it can be so complicated to find a proper execution technique. Especially beginners often find it difficult to choose a suitable intensity – and then often take precautionary measures to excessive loads. In order to find a more suitable expression, however, it must first be clear what options are available to regulate the Jelq intensity. Basically, there are three options: the current erection intensity that prevails when running the jelq, the pressure of the grip when running the jelq, and the speed of the jelq execution, The erection intensity (also called EQ) is the foremost and most important factor: in mid-EQ Jelqs the EQ should not exceed 60-80%. In turn, the pressure of the OK handle should only slightly enclose the shaft and in no way pinch the erectile tissue. In the meantime, the speed is especially important for the risk of injury: If a Jelq is executed with too high EQ and / or high pressure at high speed, the risk of injury (eg hemorrhages, hematomas) increases considerably as the intensity of the Jelq is comparatively sudden and jerky the tissue acts. In case of doubt, you should first do relatively slow Jelqs (2-3 seconds per Jelq) before accelerating them a bit. In general, you should never need less than 1 second per Jelq, unless the pressure of the handle or the EQ is really low.

Pubic shaving : Intimate shaving is useful for jelqing in that it prevents annoying, longer hair from getting into the OK grip and then disrupting the exercise. It is of course not absolutely necessary that all pubic hairs are completely removed (for example, by a wet shave), but that they are trimmed only to a short enough length.

First Tunica, then erectile tissue: In the context of a training program you should always do the stretching first and then connect the Jelqing. This ensures that the increased blood flow into the cavernous body caused by the jelqing does not block or reduce the effect of stretching (the stretching of the tunica). In addition, the subsequent Jelqing promotes the reduced blood circulation of the penis during stretching. If possible, there should not be too much time between stretching and jelqing – not to unnecessarily shorten the regeneration phases between the training sessions.