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MAIR Mechaically Activated Involuntary Reflex Exercises

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  • MAIR Mechaically Activated Involuntary Reflex Exercises

    The Breakdown of Mechanically Activated Involuntary Reflex (MAIR) Exercises

    By Adrian Caruso

    When I first started looking into how to grow my penis, I started with the beginner exercises that all men do: Stretching and jelqing

    The jelq is the backbone of every other penis enlargement exercise floating around on the Internet. If your goal is to improve the size and hardness of your penis ...

    While these two exercises were well known and effective, I really hated how i hardly knew anything about the mechanics of WHY they worked. After using these two proven techniques for a time, I decided to delve deeper into the pool of known exercises. It was while I began to look at other exercises that I began to bump into physical therapy techniques and bodybuilding principles--two areas that at the time when I first started, I had barely explored. I have always been a prodding and curious sort of person, so I naturally began to explore these two new areas of information. It did not take long for a certain passion to begin to develop in me for all things anatomy. Years passed and my once humble body of knowledge began to grow quite large. I found myself focusing on three areas:

    Collagen formation, growth, re-modulation, and breakdown; Blood Vessel growth, formation, re-modulation, and maintenance; Effects of Mechanical Stimuli on Cells including growth, apoptosis, and adaptation that includes changes in multiple localized tissues. Separately, these three fields of research were fascinating--but together they had immediate potential. I knew that if I could connect these three fields in a united endeavor, it would be a step towards ground breaking change in the Penis Growth Communities. My first steps, which were threads I had posted on these forums were in the right area, but they were far from accurate enough for my tastes. It took another year or so for me to finally make the right connections. In my studies concerning the vascular system I decided to dig a bit deeper into what exactly "involuntary" meant. It took a while for my studies to get down deep enough to actually look at how exactly a smooth muscle is made. I have attached a picture to this file that I have pulled off of Google to shed light on the systems I will shortly discuss.

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