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  • Potential Gains Size Expectations

    How quickly can users expect to begin to see results, from using the LG Hanger?

    The question I get asked the most is "how much can I gain?" That question is almost impossible to answer with any degree of certainty. It's kind of like asking "how much money will I make in my lifetime?". The answer is always the same..... it depends upon you and what you do.

    I don't want to mislead anyone because that's what the snake-oil salesmen do, and I don't want to be vague and imply that there's no real answer.... because there is some good news for those who have a goal, are dedicated and disciplined.

    I've said it countless times.... penis enlargement is difficult, but not impossible. Unfortunately there's a lot of misinformation floating around the internet that gives men inflated expectations and false hopes of quick and easy gains. I've seen those promoting penis enlargement pills say things like you can gain 2-3" in a couple months! It's sad to think there are men out there that actually believe that and will spend money on these worthless supplements.

    So let's get real! Is it possible to make a multi-inch gain? YES! Is that the norm? NO! How many people make New Year's resolutions to lose weight and never achieve their goal? How many will buy a treadmill or elliptical machine only to have it turn into a clothes hanger? How many men will purchase some kind of penis enlargement device, use it for a month or two, not achieve what they think they should have and the device ends up collecting dust in a drawer or broken and in the garbage can?

    There's a few things that prevent men from reaching their goals....

    #1 - Unrealistic expectations

    #2 - Worthless Penis Enlargement devices

    #3 - Lack of Discipline

    What's the real truth? I believe our associate Dr. Richard Howard who has over 35 years of PE training under his belt has a fairly accurate formula.

    It goes like this.... you can potentially gain 50% of your original erect length. Key word "potentially". As an example let's hypothetically say you have a starting erect length of 5" - 50% of 5" = 2.5"

    This is BPEL or Bone Pressed Erect Length. Since most men are primarily concerned about length they fail to understand that your girth circumference will also grow and increase too! That's why we named our device the LG Hanger (L = length / G = girth).

    Do most men reach their full potential? No....
    Why then don't they? Refer back to the three bullet points above.

    If you're a very dedicated, disciplined individual who is highly motivated to make gains what can you realistically expect?

    A 1" gain is very respectable, a 2" gain is exceptional and a 3" gain is phenomenal!

    In my own personal experience I gained 2 1/4" -2 3/8" in erect length, and 1 3/8" in erect girth (*depending on where measurement is taken - Mid shaft). It took me 4 1/2 years to make these gains. I started out at 5 3/8" BPEL with a 4 7/8" mid shaft erect girth.

    Could another make those gains sooner or faster? To be honest, I don't know. Too many variables to take into consideration, and without getting too far into those details I contend the main variable is genetics. The second is how you train and what you train with, and the last one is how disciplined and dedicated are you as an individual?

    The how you train and what you train with is where we can help! LG Hanger has been in business since 2011. We manufacture the only custom fit, C.N.C. (computer numerical controlled) weight hanging penis enlargement device on the market, and we are made in the United States. We are committed to providing the best customer support along with training tips and advice to those who take their penis enlargement goals seriously!
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