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Broke through plateau; now for BPEL to catch up to Flaccid stretch

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  • Broke through plateau; now for BPEL to catch up to Flaccid stretch

    I have continued to progress with weight. I consistently do 31 pounds now while seated, hanging straight out beneath my desk. I am easily able to hang for 90 minutes and many times for two hours without any issues whatsoever. I am averaging 15 to 18 hours during the work, doing nothing in the weekend. I’ve had no issues with blisters I do believe the wrapping and cross taping is helped with that, also I firmly believe that using a vacuum pump either air or bathmate during the week and especially on the weekends helps keep the glans in condition. I have found this especially on three or four day trips as long as I bring the air pump and pump those days where I’m out of town and cannot hang. I do not lose any conditioning when I go back to hanging.

    As suggested I am also incorporating manual stretches into my routine during the week. Before and after each hanging session I do a between the cheeks tug fully stretched with my hand coming in from behind and hold that to each side of rear for 30 to 45 seconds before and after each hanging session. Also I do a new stretch where I hold my hand at the base of the shaft and then the other and just behind the glans ridge and stretch strictly the Tunica pulling those two hands apart and holding firmly for 30 seconds.

    As far as progress I had the toughest time breaking through 7 7/8 BPFSL for years. Well something I am doing may help because I am now able to just barely get to 8 1/8 inches. When I first broke through at 8”, I had just lost 12 pounds since my previous measurement, so I did not get too excited until now that I have measured again and they’re still seems to be a another slight gain even after I stopped losing that weight.
    My question has to do with erect length and how soon, if ever, does increased flaccid stretched help erect length. When I started PE, it was always the same, and after I gained a solid inch to 7.25” after a year of using an extender., my stretched flaccid length had increased to 7 7/8”, that’s a difference of around .75” flaccid stretched remains greater than erect length.
    At this point is there anything else I need to be doing to help my erect length to catch up with my flaccid stretch length?

    On a separate subject I still have not been able to figure out why my dome does not hold pressure like it originally did. I have replaced the pump, the threaded male entry port for the dome, and of course the sleeve. When the dome is not attached to penis and I put it to just my belly it does seem to hold pressure, but as soon as I attach it to the penis it will increase pressure while I am pumping but it will not hold it for any length of time and I have to quickly attach the weights. It seems to retain enough pressure that it keeps me from slipping, and glans and head remains fully seated in dome, so in that sense it’s doing what it has to do.

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    Concerning the comments in your last paragraph about the hand pump pressure....
    As long as the weight is not slipping off your penis during the hang session, the pressure reading on the hand pump really isn't that important. This is not like a penis pump that you have to maintain or monitor the vacuum pressure within the chamber. Once you are ready to hang weight, draw out the desired amount of Hg pressure you want to use and then disconnect the hand pump from the chamber. Attach your weight and slowly lower it and let gravity do it's job.

    Simply plugging the air hose from the hand pump back into the chamber will allow vacuum to escape. The volume of pressure inside the chamber is so small, it's less than a babies breath.
    For example I will warm up with 8 lbs for 10-15 minutes before I add more weight. I will typically use 6-8 Hg's of vacuum pressure for that amount of weight. I can see the rubber sleeve on the chamber suck into the mouth of the chamber when I draw vacuum out. I will disconnect the hose, hook up the weight and begin my hang. Once the warm up period is done, I will re-plug in the hand pump to check my Hg pressure, and it will usually be right around 4-5 Hg's, but if I look at the mouth of the chamber the rubber sleeve is still sucked into the mouth the same amount. So how did I lose 4 Hg's of pressure? It happens when I plug the hose back into the chamber. I really wouldn't worry too much about the Hg vacuum pressure reading as long as you are not experiencing any weight slipping.

    Another thing to take into consideration is the seal between the rubber sleeve and your penis skin. It's noting like a pressurized system that has gaskets and compressed o'rings on flat machined surfaces that are bolted together.... this is skin and rubber!


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      Thanks! Any ideas of erect length catching up with flaccid stretch? Specific exercises to those ends. I am finally starting to see some progress with flaccid stretch length after a long plateau


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        Work on erection quality a minimum of three times per week. This can be done later in the day or evening when you have finished your weight hang training. Focus on getting the largest, hardest erection possible and maintain it for 15-20 minutes. The degree of erection quality can fluctuate, but just try and keep it between 75 - 100%.
        I personally set a mental goal each time I work on erection quality, and that's to get bigger than the time before. Most of this is mental... some guys use porn to stimulate, although I don't recommend that as it will eventually lead to an addiction that is detrimental all away around.

        When working on erection quality you can use some L-Arginine to help promote better blood flow, or even a small dose of Cialis 5-10 mg.

        It's also very important to keep that flaccid stretch from retracting for as long as possible. I personally will use 3-4 girth bands stacked onto my penis for 2-3 hours and then transition to a single down at the base. This will eventually train your flaccid to not turtle and in turn create a longer, fuller erection!