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Not Gaining over time/Not ever feeling fatigue

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  • Not Gaining over time/Not ever feeling fatigue

    I have been able to advance to 22.5 lbs now. I am consistently hanging 12-15 hours a week over 5 work days (underneath desk, straight out position, 1 hour at a time). I have incorporated bundled and fulcrum hanging at 15 lbs too. Usually the 1st hour or 2 I do the lower weights with fulcrum or bundle, and then add the weight and just do straight out at max for next hour or two. I have even done the combination bundled fulcrum hanging with 12 lbs.
    After each hang, I do 5-10 minutes of bundled manual stretch tugging of penis from behind and between the legs.
    I use heat during hanging and after. During rest of day I wear an ADS to keep penis taut.

    Have not had issues with blister on glans in a long time. Only increasing 1 lb every 2 weeks helps and the problem I had with the blister typically had to do with the days off on weekend or trips of 3 of 4 days without hanging, or increasing weights too quickly. Interestingly, if I use an air pump or water pump on the penis for maybe 5 minutes once or twice a day when i cannot hang, it seems to help keep the glans conditioned so when I start hanging again I do not have to drop off the weight as much and have no problems with red spot coming back.

    My concern is I cannot seem to get beyond 7.875" BPFL, this is after almost a year of increasing weights, and adding fulcrum and bundling, and hand stretches. I never really get any fatigue feeling in the penis, not sure why. It gets sore, but it feels more like the glans ridge/corona area, not any ligaments.
    My BPEL is just about 7". Both of these are close to wear I was when I stopped using the andropenis extender in 2015.

    What am I doing wrong? what else can I do with my routine to feel the "fatigue" everyone talks about as a sign of plastic reformation?


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    You're certainly training with enough weight, time and intensity to achieve gains. That being said you didn't mention what your original beginning erect length was, how many years you've been doing PE and what kind of gains you made prior to using the LG Hanger.

    Dr. Richard Howard has a growth hypothesis that is fairly accurate when estimating your potential PE gains. It goes like this ..... Whatever your original starting BPEL is you can potentially gain 50% of that. Example - if you start with a 6" BPEL you can potentially gain 50% of that or 3". Now that is a phenomenal gain that most guys will never achieve. I personally have come very close to fulfilling this estimate in my own PE journey. I went from 5 3/8" BPEL to 7 5/8" BPEL and easily have well over a 2" gain in flaccid length. I also gained 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" in erect girth depending on area of shaft being measured while erect.

    Having said all of this is it possible you come close to reaching your full potential? If so any future gains using the LGH might not be what you expect.


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      Yes, I started with extender in 2012, 8-9 hours a day for a good 9 months, most of the gain came in 6 mos when I stopped I had gained a full inch from 6” to 7” in length and a full 1/2” in girth from 5” to 5.5”. I kept trying to use the extender but couldn’t make any progress after that. I then used foreskin restoration TLC tugger for several years, occasionally trying to switch back to the extender with no results. I read that to get up past the newbie gains I would have to use hanging. I started doing that about a year ago, pretty consistently averaging 10 hours a week. I worked my way up from 8 pounds to 22 1/2 pounds, and have now been able to get over 12 hours a week now for 6 months. I only recently incorporated the fulcrum and bundled hanging, and even the combination bundled with fulcrum for the last couple weeks. I just never feel any fatigue in that ligament running from the base to the end of the penis.
      My angle for the most part is straight out, under the desk seated in a chair. I use a 1 1/2” PVC pipe as a fulcrum across my lap, so perhaps that is not enough of of a fulcrum when I’m hanging straight out. I try to mix in that same fulcrum going straight down between my legs in the chair when I can to get a 90° angle. I just want to get that feeling of fatigue that everyone talks about


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        A lot of misconceptions about the subject of fatigue! All too often I read posts on various forums discussing fatigue, what it is and how to achieve it. The most erroneous view of fatigue is that it always accompanies soreness...... NOT TRUE!

        Fatigue is better defined by the ability to stretch your flaccid penis after it is worked with weight hanging or very aggressive hand stretches beyond what you could normally be able to do prior to any training exercise. It is a very pliable, lose penis that would be difficult to achieve an erection with because of it's exhaustive state (fatigue) after a hang session or aggressive hand stretching. Just like any other body part that is worked, your penis will eventually adapt to the work load. Which is why increased intensity is necessary as you progress forward. If you started out doing 20 push ups per day and the following day your chest was sore you would be right in thinking that the muscle group was fatigued. As you continued to do 20 push ups per day for the next 2-3 months you'd find your chest wouldn't get sore anymore and you'd have to do more to achieve the same feeling of soreness. At some point you could easily do 100 push ups and you wouldn't get sore, but you'd be exhausted to the point where you couldn't do any more...... that's fatigue. I don't know if that's a perfect analogy, but I think you get my point. The penis anatomy isn't like a muscle that reacts the same way during training exercise, but like any other body part it gets exhausted after being stressed. Try this with your eyes.... hold your head still and look to the right as far as you can, then to the left, and repeat this until you can't do it anymore because your eye ligaments are tired, then see if they feel sore the next day.
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          So no suggestions?
          if you have nothing to add I guess I will focus on bundled fulcrum with 12.5 lbs., straight down between legs while sitting, as I have just started and doing the least amount of time. It seems that just increasing in weight doesn’t seem to make a difference with straight out hanging. I would think I am not the only one to have this issue


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            Originally posted by Knightsmen View Post
            So no suggestions?
            if you have nothing to add I guess I will focus on bundled fulcrum with 12.5 lbs., straight down between legs while sitting, as I have just started and doing the least amount of time. It seems that just increasing in weight doesn’t seem to make a difference with straight out hanging. I would think I am not the only one to have this issue
            My bad .... I thought you were asking about "fatigue", not looking for training suggestions. If you are looking for suggestions on how to achieve the feeling of fatigue I would refer you back to how I define the feeling.

            When you ask about a "bundled fulcrum" while seated, I'm a little confused on how you are accomplishing that? Can you provide a couple photos of how you're doing that?


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              I sit at an office desk, underneath I have a pulley attached to underside of desk with weights attached, so I connect that with my hanger while seated, and it is pulling straight out underneath desk.
              For bundled stretch I can twist the hanger a full revolution and keep twisted while hanging straight out with same pulley and weights.
              To add fulcrum to this, I take a 1 1/2” diameter pvc pipe and place under penis, so it is still bundled and now arcing over the fulcrum and still pulling straight out.
              also to get a greater angle, I can unattach the pulley and let weights pull hanger straight down between my legs towards floor. This is the most recent method I just added, bundled and with fulcrum. I have not done method as long as I was just pulling straight out while seated.
              Does this make sense now?


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                Yes... I understand.
                I hope you understand my definition of what fatigue is and that helps.
                Be sure to spend 5-10 minutes after a hang session to do very aggressive hand stretches! Believe it or not you can pull harder with your hand than any amount of weight you can hang with, only you can't sustain that hand pull for a full hour like you can with weight hanging. This is where you go the extra mile and take advantage of the fatigue the weight hanging produces even though you don't feel any soreness.

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              Ok, thank you


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                Knightsmen. The following is my understanding, and could be flawed... Perhaps isolating individual structures of the penis more will help. If you haven't tried BTC, try it. Or perhaps hanging over the shoulder or side to side. This could cause the entire weight to be sustained by fewer ligaments. Those ligaments are then placed under much greater stress than had you divided the weight over a greater number of structures with your typical SO. Seems to me, hanging straight out could be causing all 22.5lbs to be dissipated over more tissue, and thus not be enough weight to cause substantial growth. The divide and conquer strategy above might be worth a shot.

                Try new angles. For me, when I stand and hang SD, I dont' feel much if anything. But if I sit down and lean back with the weight BTC, the stretch is STRONG. Since it's the same weight, I can only conclude that fewer fibers are being forced to sustain the entire load, and or fibers that are weaker and more apt to stretch.

                My goodness, I have to ask... you said you put on an inch in 6-9 months from using an extender 8-9 hours a day.
                1) How much load do you suppose it put on you? Was it comparable to 8lbs with LG or 12? 4? I'm curious for my own journey.
                2) How in blazes are you wrapping to keep up 22.5lbs! You're a hero! I have to know if you wrap really tightly and "compress" everything, or whether the glans is wrapped loosely enough to expand/enlarge a bit in the bell and thus act as an anchor to keep such weight held in place. How many hg's of pressure?

                Include a pic if you're so inclined!



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                  I used the andro extender and follow their instructions, I used it for over a year but I saw most of the results within nine months. I think on their website they will tell you what the equivalent pounds are of tension, I can’t remember now. But it just seems after that nine months. I was not getting any more increases in bone pressed flaccid length.
                  are use two links of about 6 inches of the blue tape, one on top of the other and wrap it pretty tight starting about an inch and a half below the glans, and then do a cross atop the glands at right angles of the waterproof tape. I had problems with a red spot on the glans for a while and the seems to help. I wrap it pretty tight. I am not sure of the HG because for a while now my pump does not hold the pressure, so I extract as much air as possible, and then unhook it from the pump. I believe the HG was around 10 when it was working. I probably should try and replace the pump however it seems to be difficult to replace that one item. I can’t imagine that the chamber is defective, and I regularly replace the rubber tubing and elastic bands that hold it on the chamber. I am thinking maybe something is wrong with the pump because it does not hold the vacuum yet if I release it when I have the vacuum applied it seems to hold. Sometimes it is difficult for the vacuum to hold and the glands does slip downward more than an inch but I am still able to hang with it. I use a loose non-sticky cloth wrap around the original wraps to help fill the space in the chamber a little bit better.


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                    I assume you are using a LG Hanger system with a hand pump you purchased from us? We have hand pumps in stock and if you need a new one just go to our website and purchase one. They are relatively inexpensive.

                    If you're experiencing slipping you may need to purchase a smaller sleeve too. Slips are almost always the result of a poor seal between the silicon sleeve and your penis skin. It's very unlikely that your chamber is leaking.

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                  I have continued to progress with weight. I consistently do 31 pounds now while seated, hanging straight out beneath my desk. I am easily able to hang for 90 minutes and many times for two hours without any issues whatsoever. I am averaging 15 to 18 hours during the work, doing nothing in the weekend. I’ve had no issues with blisters I do believe the wrapping and cross taping is helped with that, also I firmly believe that using a vacuum pump either air or bathmate during the week and especially on the weekends helps keep the glans in condition. I have found this especially on three or four day trips as long as I bring the air pump and pump those days where I’m out of town and cannot hang. I do not lose any conditioning when I go back to hanging.

                  As suggested I am also incorporating manual stretches into my routine during the week. Before and after each hanging session I do a between the cheeks tug fully stretched with my hand coming in from behind and hold that to each side of rear for 30 to 45 seconds before and after each hanging session. Also I do a new stretch where I hold my hand at the base of the shaft and then the other and just behind the glans ridge and stretch strictly the Tunica pulling those two hands apart and holding firmly for 30 seconds.

                  As far as progress I had the toughest time breaking through 7 7/8 BPFSL for years. Well something I am doing may help because I am now able to just barely get to 8 1/8 inches. When I first broke through at 8”, I had just lost 12 pounds since my previous measurement, so I did not get too excited until now that I have measured again and they’re still seems to be a another slight gain even after I stopped losing that weight.
                  My question has to do with erect length and how soon, if ever, does increased flaccid stretched help erect length. When I started PE, it was always the same, and after I gained a solid inch to 7.25” after a year of using an extender., my stretched flaccid length had increased to 7 7/8”, that’s a difference of around .75” flaccid stretched remains greater than erect length.
                  At this point is there anything else I need to be doing to help my erect length to catch up with my flaccid stretch length?

                  On a separate subject I still have not been able to figure out why my dome does not hold pressure like it originally did. I have replaced the pump, the threaded male entry port for the dome, and of course the sleeve. When the dome is not attached to penis and I put it to just my belly it does seem to hold pressure, but as soon as I attach it to the penis it will increase pressure while I am pumping but it will not hold it for any length of time and I have to quickly attach the weights. It seems to retain enough pressure that it keeps me from slipping, and glans and head remains fully seated in dome, so in that sense it’s doing what it has to do.
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                    A flaccid stretched length can exceed a BPEL. Think of your flaccid penis as a rubber band, it's much easier to stretch something that is pliable and loose than it is something that is hard or erect. That doesn't mean that your un-stretched flaccid length should be longer than your full erect length. Speaking for myself there's about a 11/2" difference between my post hang (us-stretched flaccid length) and my full BPEL.

                    I'm not sure how much time you spend working on erection quality. You may have seen me post on a variety of forums, including ours on the importance of devoting time to working on erection quality. It should be done at least 3 times a week. After all what good is a bigger penis if you can't achieve a nice firm erection that you can keep for a minimum of 15-20 minutes? Work on erection quality on "off days", or days you go lighter. What I would advise is to get an erection and while doing so be sure to implement your Kegel exercise. The way I do this is by getting 75-100% erect, and with my dominate hand I will pull below glans, with my opposite hand I will grab my base. I will Kegel and hold my base with a firm squeeze, hold for 3-5 seconds with the Kegel and then release. I will do 20-30 reps while erect. This will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscle and allow you to build or develop the ability to get good hard erections that you can maintain for at least 15 minutes. If you need some help to promote a better erection, I'd advise using some L-Arginine or a pharmaceutical. I personally get great results with 10-20mg's of Cialis.

                    While working on your erection quality, try to mentally focus on something that stimulates you. Some guys use porn... I don't advise that. I personally get more aroused when I reflect on a past sexual experience I've had with my lovely wife. Or focus on achieving a larger, fuller erection than I've ever had before. Something about the visual of seeing or imagining a much larger penis usually helps promote a much better erection!