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Question about LG ADS Efficiency

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  • Question about LG ADS Efficiency

    I have a question about the efficiency of the LG ADS. I currently hang using the LG hanger BTC.After I’ve completed my session I attach the ADS. What I notice is that when the ADS is attached I see the shaft being stretched and not the ligs. To stretch manually I have to normally Have to grab midway on the shaft in order to get ligament stretch. The ADS seems no different. My question is, if ligament stretch is the goal and I’m not getting the stretch on the ligaments while using the ADS should I be using a longer sleeve? I ask because I use the standard half sleeve that I have been given with the LG ADS and it’s a great sleeve, but a couple more inches up and I would have ligament stretch. So should I cut a six inch sleeve instead of the half sleeve like the one given so that I can get the lig stretch? Or is the normal sleeve given fine even though there is no ligament stretch visibly or by feel?

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    You can increase the length of the ADS sleeve if you like, it might help produce a better stretch that helps target the ligament. However the main purpose of the ADS is to supplement your heavier hang sessions with a post hang stretch while you recover from more intense training with weight. The ADS can only generate approximately 5 - 6 pounds of traction at best before the bungee cord clip will fail to hold the cord tension. I've tested it with weight until failure and that's the poundage that it tops out at.

    Typically 8 lbs is where the ligament starts to stretch. This is what all the surgeons we work with that do penile lengthening surgeries tell us. Surgery Life Enhancement actually do their procedures with the LG Hanger attached to the penis in order to stretch the ligament once they cut skin to reveal location.


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      This makes sense. However, I don’t want to ensure that the ADS puts 6 lbs on the ligaments. That would be a lot. I just want to ensure that the ligaments and the shaft heal in a stretched position with a light stretch passively, after using the LG Hanger. So the ADS shouldn’t have any ligament pull at all? My fear is that after I hang I don’t get the ligament stretch along with the shaft pull wearing the ADS to help heal elongated, not only for the shaft but for the ligaments.

      So you’re saying that as long at the shaft is stretched it is fine because I don’t need to have the ligaments stretched at this point?


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        Basically yes.... The ADS is really not capable of generating enough traction force to deform ligament. The goal of the ADS is to keep your flaccid under a mild amount of traction while you recover from the weight hanging. This in turn will also help train your flaccid penis to not "turtle" or retract.


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          Got it. Thank you Foldus.