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LG ADS and Kingsnake Pulley

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  • LG ADS and Kingsnake Pulley

    I was viewing LG’s Blogger site and came across a post by Kingsnake aka Saiyan22 on forum boards. I’ve been interested for sometime in purchasing LG’s ADS system but didn’t know anyone on the boards who uses it. So you could imagine my excitement when I found Kingsnake showing off a video of him using the ADS system. The same guy who I originally found the LG Hanger with has somehow led me to another device that I also want to use. As I watched the video, I noticed that he uses a small pulley system to attach to the ADS. If anyone, happens to know how he put together the pulley to run with the ADS underneath his clothes. I would thank them a ton. I’ve been searching on the internet and cannot find a link to the setup.

    Also, if it just so happens that no one knows about the setup to the ADS pulley system but knows how I can contact Kingsnake. I would very much appreciate it and be thankful to speak to the man himself.