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    Before I begin, with my question, I have some information to get across, so everyone knows my background. I've been hanging consistently for the past two and a half years, starting with 6oz, 8oz and then 11oz ball bearings. After months of doing that, I progressed to a noose hanging system by Zen Hanger. The hanger was ok for someone who didn't have the funds for the LG. However, once you got up in weight, the noose would start to move to one side, making your manhood look like some odd Hellraiser scene, becoming tangled and twisted.

    After months of using the noose, I finally had the funds for the LG Hanger. I didn't mind at all reconditioning myself and going back to low weight. What I was proud about was that there was no twisting, and I could quickly move about without having to feel like a fool in my own home. I've been using the LG since April 2018. I've got hundreds of hours under my belt, and I can adequately tell you that I stand by this device and back it 100%. But, like some, I have had setbacks. Mainly in the blister area. An I blame it on myself and not the device.

    Just like many of you, I too have gone up in weight too fast. Each time I went up in weight too soon, I would develop a blister, which would then push me back down to a lower weight. Only to come back and go back to the weight I was doing before the blister formed to develop another blister after that one. In the last three months; these setbacks have made me wonder if I should even continue working the LG Hanger. The heaviest weight I have been able to do is 12 lbs. But, I can't seem to get back up there. Previously, I was able to get to 11lbs to only develop another blister. I've had two blisters set me back in the past three months, and in all honesty, I'm a bit angry.

    I've been out of hanging action for the last three weeks, trying to find information on whether to continue working out with the LG Hanger or not. I've spent these last few weeks, asking other devices on other forum boards. But, I've decided I'm sticking to what I enjoy, and that's hanging.

    In my research about what to do next is the way I have been approaching hanging these few months. My LG Hanging sessions look like the following:

    My sessions are an hour in length twice a day. Generally in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Figure around the times of 11 am and 4 pm. I hang straight down for each hour, but I have done some bundle stretches in the past but haven't made it part of my regular workout.

    Since developing this last blister, I took my time into looking into purchasing Gel Toe Caps at a store near me. Alongside the toe caps, I was able to read some articles about wool and the benefits it has in preventing blisters. I figure I will make a small pillow padding at the bottom of the toe cap to ensure my head is free from blistering.

    In regards to working out, I am pretty sure that my glands haven't fully conditioned to the weight. I usually go up pretty quickly in the weight department. Being that I work out six days a week, twice a day. I'm able to reach twelve sessions reasonably easy. Once I've completed twelve sessions, I add on a pound of weight to start with on Monday. I take Sunday's off to rest. I've read many contradictory posts previously from many sites saying to stay away from taking any days off and work out a full seven days. Which I find odd.

    I've also read many contradicting posts about how long the time frame should be before moving up in weight. So with this mass confusion from many different people on these forum boards. I will attempt the following once I get back to hanging.

    I will go back to my two sessions a day six times a week. But I will hold off into progressing to a pound. Instead, I will do something different. I own half pound weights so I will go up half a pound every two weeks. This way, my glands can get used to the feeling of a continuous weight for a brief time, and I can slowly move up.


    Here's where the contradicting stuff happens. I read a comment from a poster on Bib's forum board. Who advised his fellow hangers that once you get to 9lbs, to stay at that weight for three weeks to condition the glands before moving up to 10lbs. This information given to the public is confusing for someone like myself. So I ask you fellow LG Hangers and forum providers on this LG Board. Do you consider my new session plan a successful one for someone whose been dealing with a blister problem previously?

    For your information, I also wear the girth bands after each workout and to bed at night. I find them to be a perfect assistant to the LG Hanger. Thank you for reading my incredibly long post.