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LG hanger causing my glans to rotate anticlockwise

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  • LG hanger causing my glans to rotate anticlockwise

    I diddn't have any problems with the LG up untill now. The other night after my 1 hour session with the LG, I noticed my glans had twisted/rotated anticlockwise :/

    Instead of my glans being like this | it's now like this /

    Is it temporary or permanant? What can I do to fix this?

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    I have used the LG with what I consider good success. Slow but sure and comfortable. I noticed a very slight rotation too.
    What I did was make a conscious effort to hang on the opposite side of my testies. This rotated my glands in the opposite direction.
    Now I flip flop sides and the twist is no longer there. This proves to me that you can change your penis with time and tension.
    Good luck