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    I'm 53 y/o , 5'7" tall , weigh approximately 365 lbs and have what I believe to be a sub average penis around 4" fully erect and barely noticeable flaccid . I'll be honest it is very difficult for me to get accurate measurements due to most of my weight being in my abdomen area and pubis region . I'm also cursed with short arms and fat , stubby fingers too . My fiance doesn't complain about my size and I am able to satisfy sexually by other methods more than penetration . I've discussed my concerns with her about my penis length and though she still expresses that it's not really important , but she wouldn't mind if I was at least 7" in length but not too much more in girth ; which I can't seem to get an accurate measurement either due to my physical limitations . So , until I can manage to lose some weight also , my fiance will be doing my measurements . So , wish me luck on my PE journey as I try to pack on at least 3".