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    Although new to here I am not new to pe. Being something I somehow always practiced manually I new it was possible and if if there was a way to do pe hands free then the gains would be substantial. Those exact thoughts are what led me to the journey I currently am on, I first came across extenders when I decided to actually see what could come about stretching of the penis. Small gains were made there, mainly girth wise as retraction resulted in healing girthier. I knew there had to be a better way. Then I discovered hanging after more in depth researching and came to the conclusion I would eventually get an lg hanger myself but, not before I tried other cheaper products. Boy Do I wish I had gotten straight to the point and gotten the lg right away. By far my favorite. Even at much lower weights then I was used to I could feel a fatigue creeping in. Mainly on the shaft tunica portion, and the ligament structures behind my testicles. I am only a couple to a few sporadic months in and I first started with 5.5lbs and currently doing 6.5lbs up to 9lbs max but I am no way a beginner which is why I was able to get up so quickly in weight. Previous weights used average were 15lbs to the height of I believe 34lbs or some crazy number like that I have to double check my logs but I gained to 7.5” bone pressed erect (I find that to be the best most accurate way to measure) then lost some length due to abruptly stopping and just focused on pumping due to hanging discomfort. Currently I have lost some girth which I believe could have been just temporary swelling from compression hanging and pumping but I have no worries as I feel a totally different more effective workout from this style of vacuum hanging. I am super stoked to what lies ahead and look forward to reading about others success and hopefully inspire others from what I have learned what seems the hard way haha no pun intended. I will perhaps start another thread with my daily journaling of activity done and time wise.