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  • Hello

    I’m new to LG Hanger but have been into PE for a while. I pump sometimes but prefer the feel of weights. I’ve been using a blue plastic cap product I bought from Ali Express (China) along with a silicone sleeve and plastic pump. My husband likes to pump also and he too enjoys the benefits from my PE practice.

    I hope my order comes in soon. I can’t wait to try it!

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    Hi Johnny,

    Welcome to the forum. You'll really like the LG Hanger.
    Get $10 off any weight hanging system. Use coupon code: LGHpower.


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      Admin Q: are you guys still in business? I call and phone box is full and I email and no reply. Would like to order but want to make sure you’ll send. Also I see backorder on smallest magnet weight. If I order how long til it ships please. Thank you


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        Yes, We have just finished moving our entire company across country to another state and have finished getting all our machines back up and running, along with our computers.
        We have a new phone number (425.309.4844)that you can call and/or text and as always, you can email us directly at