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    The ADS is very well built and works great but my issue with is that the plastic clip/clasp that it comes with is worn out on my ADS and no longer works as it the stringline tension keeps slipping off... I originally fixed the issue using small zip ties and twisty ties but this is only a quick fix that will eventually not work at all whatsoever... I don't see any replacement plastic clip clasps on your website for sale either... In the meantime I am searching for a stonger plasic or steel replacement clip clasp.... Any specific suggestions you have for this problem? If so they would be appreciated...

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    If you're in the USA we can send you a couple replacement clips - no charge. Keep in mind that the ADS is not meant to generate a lot of traction. It is only rated at 2 - 5 lbs. So if you pull the bungee cord too tight and attempt to secure the plastic clip it will eventually fail, as it just isn't strong enough to hold greater tensions. Please send us your name and address.... Thanks LGH.