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    I was wondering if I could ship my LG chamber back too you so it could be slightly bored out as far as L" length goes? I realize that you can't make it W" wider unless I have you build me new custom LG chamber... I was also wondering how much it would cost me too have you drill 2 holes on the side LG chamber so I could use BUNDLER device?

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    I can bore your chamber a little deeper, but not by much... maybe another 3/8" - 1/2" deeper at the most. Email us your request and we will invoice you for the modifications along with the cost to re-ship. The Bundle modification / retro-fit is on the website. It consists of me drilling and taping two holes 180* degrees apart on the chamber along with milling a spot face for the Bundle Arms. The aluminum Bundle Arms are included in the price of the modification.