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    Hi there, I’ve been hanging for around a month, 1 hour a day for an hour. Yesterday I went for about 90minutes and noticed a burst blood vessel on the side of my knob. Is this normal? Will it heal itself/go away? Do I stop hanging until it’s gone? Appreciate some advice please?
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    Yeah that's a blister with a little blood. Since you've only been hanging for just a month, I recommend that you dial back your hang time. Your penis skin requires a certain amount of conditioning that will help you avoid blisters. You didn't say how much weight you're hanging with.
    I have a good article on our Blog about blisters - "Blisters - how to avoid them and what to do if you get one". Bottom line blisters are always the result of using too much weight you aren't ready for, or too much hang time you're not conditioned for, too much vacuum pressure, or a combination of any two or more.

    I would recommend you go read that article on our blog. Then I would suggest you let the blister heal, and when you resume your hang training that you reduce your weight and time by 50% and allow that sensitive, virgin skin to become conditioned to the work load. Similar to getting a suntan after you burned yourself. You've got to gradually allow your penis to become accustomed to the work load and stress put upon it.

    Start back with 30 minute sessions twice a day. One in the morning and another later in the afternoon or evening. Then over the course of the next couple weeks start adding 5 minutes per day until you can get to a full hour with no complications. At that point you can think about adding a couple pounds, but then back down on the time again and build back up to a hour (pyramid method).

    Just for reference when I was a beginner I started with only 3 lbs for 30 minutes twice a day. It took me three full months of dedicated training 5-6 days per week to work up to 8 lbs for a full hour.
    I NEVER recommend anyone exceeding a hour hang session, unless you have several years of training and have excellent tissue maturity / conditioning. I can hang up to 8 lbs for 90 minutes, but I have 7 years of experience.

    Last of all.... make sure you're doing a good glans protection wrap! A couple photos attached to show you what it should look like.


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      Hi mate, thank you for your reply and advice. I’m currently on 3 x 1.25lb blocks for an hour a day. Given my work load I can’t physically fit in 2 x 1 hour sessions.

      Where do I find the blog info?

      I’ve read a few other posts and definitely need to work on my wrapping but need to purchase more tape etc. I find getting set up takes a bit of time, would you recommend those caps, are these easier/faster?

      7 & 8 lbs this is huge! Glad you can share all your knowledge/experience with us.



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        Ok - when you go to our blog, there's a search bar on the top right hand side, type in "Blisters how to avoid them and what to do if you get one", and it will take you to the article I wrote.

        As for finding time to train twice a day.... I realize many guys have extremely busy lives and don't always find it convenient to do their PE training twice a day. So what I recommend is doing the best you can to carve out time to train. If it's only once a day, then take what you can get. Other ways to implement training is when you go to the bathroom to urinate, take a couple minutes to do some aggressive hand pulls. On weekends when you're not at work, try and do double sessions then. Everyone has the same number of hours in a day, how you manage your time is more of a discipline, and if you really want to get the most out of your PE training and realize your goals then you will find time.

        When if comes to glans protection and wrapping, the more you do it the more you will become proficient at it. It really shouldn't take more than two minutes to wrap, install chamber, draw out vacuum and be hanging weight. The glans caps can help save some time.

        The seven years I have been training has been very rewarding! The past 2 1/2 years have basically been a maintenance routine. When I was training 5-6 days a week I would routinely go up to 15 - 18 lbs of weight for a full hour, twice a day, and that didn't include my post hang hand stretches after a intense hang session. These post hang hand stretches are very important! Once the weight hanging induces fatigue to the penile anatomy you take advantage of that fatigue and go the extra mile with very aggressive hand stretches for 5-10 minutes. Believe it or not you can pull harder with your hand than any amount of weight you can hang with, only you cannot sustain that pull with your hand for a full hour. Check out some of the hand stretches in the photos posted.