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    What are the risks of hanging without glans wrap?
    I took a break, moved from one home to another and seemed to have lost mine.
    So now i started hanging without a glans wrap. What are the risks?

    Thank you in advance.

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    I do not recommend hanging without glans protection! The main reason is because as you extract vacuum from the chamber your penis will be pulled into the bottom of the chamber where the vacuum port hole is located. The very last thing you want to do is pull glans skin into that port hole. It will cause a massive blister.... so don't do it!
    Glans protection wrap is readily available at all pharmacy stores and grocery stores in the band aid section. It's a little more expensive buying it from a retail store. We buy in bulk and sell at a much lower price. Our rolls are larger too. So if you order 5-10 rolls at a time your shipping cost is divided up by the number of rolls you purchase. Obviously buying a single roll would not be cost effective.