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Your opinion on swinging?

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  • Your opinion on swinging?

    Hello! I have a question. I noticed that if i i do a slight swing, left right and also front-back i get a very good stretch. I am using 3kg for the moment, 3o minutes per day, all in one session.
    Has anybody tried swinging?

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    Swinging weight can be risky. It all depends on how much weight you're using and how much of an arc swing you are attempting. Think of swinging a bucket of water with a full 360 degree rotation. What keeps the water in the bucket when it's overhead? Centrifugal force! So what happens when you swing weight is that the centrifugal force at the bottom of the swing arc is increased and so is the vacuum pressure within the chamber. When vacuum pressure is increased too much it leads to a blister.

    So if you want to swing weight make sure the weight is fairly light and that the swing arc isn't too great. If you want to feel a better stretch while you're hanging squeeze the section of your penis shaft that isn't inside the chamber. Squeeze and relax, squeeze and relax..... focus mentally on relaxing that pelvic floor muscle. You can even implement a Kegels while doing this to help promote a better stretch that can be felt.