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Chamber won't hold pressure

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  • Chamber won't hold pressure

    My LG hanger naturally starts to lose pressure shortly after its pumped even with no weight on.

    Pump to 6.
    2 Second later loses 1 and repeats

    Two different manual pumps
    One vacuum pump
    Smallest Silicone Sleeve.
    Smallest Girth Band holding sleeve on chamber
    Smallest Girth Band holding base of sleeve on shaft

    Advice? Could anything be faulty?

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    You don't need to monitor the vacuum pressure inside the chamber. Once you draw out the desired amount of vacuum pressure, immediately disconnect the hand pump. Attached your weight and slowly lower it. Then let gravity do it's job. The volume of space inside the chamber is extremely small, and the amount of vacuum needed to hold the weight onto your penis is like a babies breath.
    Unless the weight is slipping off your penis, don't worry about the amount of vacuum inside your chamber.

    I can hang 12 lbs for a full hour with 10 Hg's of vacuum and experience no slipping, yet if I re-attach the hand pump to the chamber at the end of an hour the vacuum will read zero. That's because simply plugging the hand pump hose back onto the chamber will cause any remaining vacuum to escape.