I’m a research doctor who graduated from Tulane University and I gained 3 inches in length and almost that in girth, This is conclusive. I’ve had students to gain multiple inches, this is real time experience.
“Dr. Kotha told me there is no way to make your penis bigger” (taken from a posted question)
It is not unusual for an MD to make this sort of statement, usually most of the medical community are often years behind a phenomena, and their default answer is just to say no. I will enclose an article for you to read describing the mechanism of penis enlargement with references. I trust this will shed some more light on the subject.Growth results from traction through equipment and manual exercise. The equipment that I recommend is the LG hanger (www.lghanger.com) and has been used for penis lengthening by an MD who also use surgery at least 250 plus times.

The cost is just the cause of a subscription and equipment. You can peruse my site mypenisdoctor.com there are three categories of subscriptions which if you peruse the site and find. What I do is to educate the student and tell them what is the best and safest method to gain. I estimate a conscientious student who is consistent can gain up to 30 to 50% in length and girth. I personally gain 60%.

Again a detailed paper will be attached, however the bottom line is that traction will cause the collagen which is the structural framework of the penis shaft and the striated muscular base to grow. Read the paper and will give you some insights to think about.

I will also attach before-and-after photos of the gentleman that manufactures the LG hanger, this site is lghangerllc.com, here you can find the cost of this piece of equipment, thus the training that I give in the cost of the equipment would be your total cost.

Best regards,
Richard R. Howard II, Dr. PH, MS, MPH (Tulane University Graduate)