Subject: blisters
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2014 19:23:50 -0700

Hey guys,
I just used my LG Hanger for the first time. And I got the worst blister that basically covered the entire tip of my penis. I’m curious what you think I did wrong? I wrapped my penis in the blue tape/wrap supplied. And I believe I followed the instructions. The only thing I did that was not in the instructions was I pumped one time in the middle of the hour long session to get the pressure back up to -10. Could this have been the issue?
Thanks for any help you could give,
LG Hanger

2:50 PM
To: M.
That definitely would have helped promote a blister. If you were using the 3 lb starter weight you shouldn’t really need much more than 3-5 hg of vacuum pressure. I can hang 3 lbs with no pressure at all. Ten pounds of hg vacuum pressure was way more than what you needed for that amount of weight. I would suggest only using an amount of pressure that is sufficient to hold the weight onto your penis. When I hang 8 lbs I use about 3 – 5 hg of pressure. When I hang 10 lbs. I need only 7 hg of pressure, 15 lbs about 10-12 hg of pressure.

I would let the blister heal completely before you hang again. Get some Betadine and clean the wound, apply a small dab of Polysporin or Neosporin and put a band aid over it to keep it from rubbing against your underwear while it heals.
You can still hand stretch (be cautious not to irritate the blistered area). Once you heal back up, use less pressure, and try only going 30 minutes. Check yourself and massage your glans & penis, re-tape and do another 30 minutes.
Sounds like your skin is extremely sensitive. You will need to be patient with yourself while you acquire some tissue maturity.